A little bit about Me and how FreckleDesigns was created.....

Some years ago my Sister Gina took an interest in power tools and being able to create her very own. She started to do craft shows and kept trying to come up with new ways to get the end result she was wanting. After grueling hours of cutting stencils by hand, she decided she needed help. Careful planning led her to the vinyl business five years ago, where the possibilities are near endless! The name comes from a trademark that she is proud to call her own, her Freckles! As a child she grew up with many nicknames, Sunshine, Goldilocks, etc… & wished she could wash them right off, but without them, she wouldn’t be who she is!

Now where do I come in? I attended FreckleDesigns first workshop (Halloween) 2 years ago and loved it. It was so invigorating to display a really cute item (that I made), in my home! Needless to say, I started doing some craft projects at home and got hooked! Christmas rolled around and I asked Santa for a vinyl machine. I guess I had been good because I got one :) Shortly after, I joined forces with Gina and became part of the FreckleDesigns Team. To keep things less confusing for our customers, since we are in different States, we have decided I will be known as FreckleDesigns TOO...but we are still ONE!

I am a mother of two adorable kids, the wife of an amazing husband, an avid volunteer, and love to decorate. I’m constantly learning the act of balancing as I am definitely a Do-er. We love being able to create words of inspiration, endearments, declarations and humorous expressions that help us all to ponder life’s lessons. Give it a try, you might love it just as much as we do!

~Melanie Fisher